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14 Tamale Mirundi’s famous quotes on Bobi Wine

1. NRM biggest mistake was to show that they are scared of Bobi Wine. If they had left Bobi Wine and don’t mind about him, the public was not going to take him serious, they would have treated him a a seasonal politician.
2. Whatever Bobi Wine’s is going through is what they call “Embalu ya Politics” he is learning from every challenge he is meeting in this.

3. The biggest promoters of Bobi Wine are NRM. The more they hire these foolish musicians who never went to school to fight him and abuse him is the more they promote him. Leaders like Bobi Wine are always underestimated, it’s the same thing that happened to M7, Obote underestimated president M7.
4. Bobi Wine is an employment opportunity, he is selling like a hot cake many people are hired to abuse him, but If you abuse Bobi Wine and you fail to get rich, just count yourself among the most foolish and stupid people on earth.

5. One day I talked to Baby Cool (BebeCool) that they are using you to fight Bobi Wine but let me be honest with you, you can’t not manage fighting Bobi Wine right now. If you are all hunters, you are hunting a rabbit while Bobi Wine is hunting a lion.
6. Bobi Wine might not win the 2021 presidential elections but everyone should be worried what will happen after those elections.
7. I heard Walutwetwe (Andrew MWENDA) abusing Bobi Wine but pliz Hon Bobi Wine, I kindly request you not to reply that fool. He is politically dead, Pliz don’t rise dead dogs. He knows if you reply him, u will have given him a comeback.
8. There is one thing I realized about Bobi Wine. That boy is going to be very dangerous and a threat to both the government and the opposition. Politics is determined by luck, that boy has luck.

9. The reason why they have failed to handle Bobi Wine is that he was never calculated in the first place. It’s very hard to fight a slogan and to fight someone who has no structures, coz it’s fighting a ghost.
10. Even if you kill Bobi Wine today, you are wasting your time. You must have a strategy for Bobi Wine, Bobi Wine is a parasite, he is HIV. He paralyzes your system, now imprisoning is another added advantage to him. There alot of people who want to come and take pics with him and go in village and tell people that they are in People Power and they’re close to Bobi Wine.

11. Bobi Wine doesn’t know what he has. Ask yourself, Did Bobi Wine address any rally in all these Universities? How comes all the students winning Guild President are People Power. It’s takes a mentally smart person to understand the strength of Bobi Wine’s wave.
12. Who are eating billions of money from State House right now?, are they politicians or musicians?, Now ask yourself where were they before Bobi Wine joing politics? Tell me any person who fought in Luwero Triangle driving an expensive car as that of Bebe Cool or Kusasira is driving?. This is the kind of panic Bobi Wine has created. In politics,If you want to fight a tiger,dress like a lion.
13. The day Bobi Wine will come out and say that he has given up is the day all youths will kill him plus all his family. Youths have been waiting someone who is like Bobi Wine to bring back their hopes.
14. Something tells me this boy Bobi Wine must be getting all the skills from Amama Mbabazi, I see some Mbabazi traits in him the only thing that he is so humble and not arrogant.

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