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57 Students Nabbed For Watching P0rn At Movie House

57 Kenya students were detained on Wednesday for watching pornographic films at a business area in the city of Nakuru .

Three businessmen who owned the business where the students were caught were however arrested for using their premises to show pornography.

The detained are from three Nakuru schools, as per a Kenyan officer, James Kinari.

“After a thorough investigation we discovered that the students have been visiting the premises to watch movies and pornography,” Kinari said.

Authorities seized devices from the premises situated in Nakuru’s central business district, the Daily Nation reported.

Last November, Kenya’s government declared plans to confine access to online to online pornographic sites as part of moves to reduce pregnancies among schoolchildren.

This comes on the of developing worries over adolescent pregnancies. Between July 2018 and June 2020, the Kenyan health ministry recorded around 350,000 pregnancies in the 15 to 19 age group,reported in African Globlly.

In Kenya, sex education takes the abstinence only strategy and endeavors to get thorough sexual education have been met with resistance from the church and from a section of parents, who feel their kids will be exposed to such immoral acts.

This is terrible as stats says that youngsters young as 10 are now engaging in sexual acts.

The issue is deeper than this. Most parents were also not taught sex education (most had to figure out things on their own), which means they do not know how to deal with teaching others – something made even worse with the rise of free and accessible digital media.

They additionally needed to confront results, for example, disgracing and separation when their parents or the general public if they are found engaging in sexual relations.

In Kenya, the inability to teach kids sex and sexuality education and everything encompassing it is the explanation the majority of them search for alternative source of information. From popular media to experienced peers, these sources of information may not have the right information or the best strategy to educate the teens on sex.

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