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Acholi paramount chief on Oulanyah: We hear he was poisoned

Acholi paramount chief on Oulanyah: We hear he was poisoned
The Acholi Paramount Chief Rwot David Onen Acana II has said the kingdom has been hearing rumours that Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah could have been poisoned which have given them so many questions than answers in light of his death.

The Rwot was speaking to NBS from his home in Gulu when he made the statements.
While he did not confirm his assertions, Rwot David posed a question regarding the untimely death of his subjects whenever they get an elevation in office.
“We cannot pretend that all is well because now we have more questions than answers. We continue to ask why our Children die shortly after elevation to positions of power,” he said
He indicated that there is rumoured foul play but there is a need for answers.

“We hear that he was poisoned, this rumour we can not confirm but we have questions. Is poison now an elimination method in this country? Who is behind it, is it an individual or company?” he said.
He added that the reason the suspicions emanate from previous cases.
“I say this because, in the recent past, the life of Dr Moriku Kaducu was alleged to have fallen victim to the same,” he said.

In 2018, Health Minister (Primary Health Care) Kaducu was allegedly poisoned. She was treated at Mulago shortly before her condition worsened necessitating further consultation in Nairobi.
Kaducu would later openly come and declare she was poisoned.
The Rwot did not linger on the matter of poisoning, he also accused the people who protested Oulanyah’s treatment abroad of wanting to make a meal out of nothing.

“It was not only a matter of treatment abroad. If Oulanyah had come out alive, I would have joined those that campaigned against it. But his death is a sign that even if we had the first-class hospitals here, he was still going to die,” he said.
“Those who think he stood in your way and celebrating his death, give us chance to grieve peacefully, we shall all die, death is with us like our shadows, during day or night, whether up and about or resting, we shall all die,” he added.

The Rwot said he had plans of visiting Oulanyah but he did not know he would soon be pronounced dead.
“Oulanyah is gone and defenceless before us except before god, I ask those he has wronged to forgive him,” he concluded.
The Rwot’s statements come shortly after Nathan L’Okori, the father of fallen Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah claimed his son had died of poisoning.

“I know very well that he was poisoned, and whatever somebody will say tomorrow should not distort the information we now have…. I don’t want somebody to bring their politics here,” Daily Monitor quoted Mr L’Okori.
Mr L’Okori further disclosed that Oulanyah revealed the cause of his illness, which suddenly began manifesting publicly after he became a Speaker last May before he travelled for specialised medical care abroad.
“He told me certain things, I know them very well,” he said.

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