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Appreciate women who bleach, it is ‘expensive’ – Precious Remmie

TV presenter Remmah Nakitto, alias Precious Remmie, believes women who bleach should be appreciated because it takes serious commitment and money.

“The truth is, if you find a woman that has bleached well, she really looks good. When a bleached woman posts her husband, and you abuse her for bleaching, she has a man, what do you have? She has money, what do you have? As in, they are living okay,” Remmie said during her show Sanyuka TV Morning Xpress.

“Let me tell you, I can’t find a bleached person and be mad at them. I can’t even hate them.”

Her co-host Mildred Tracy chimed in: “It’s their money.”

Remmie respects people who bleach because she knows she can’t put in the commitment required.

“By the way, bleaching is expensive, let me tell you about it. Bleaching is expensive, and you need to be consistent. Some of us who are not consistent, can’t handle it. That’s I have accepted my colour, and I won’t hate another person,” she said.

Radio personality Henry Arinaitwe, popularly known as Mr. Henrie, has a different view from that of Remmie.

“But, where is the lie? Am I lying? A woman who bleaches a lot is not good in bed, right?” said Mr. Henrie when he was taking a jab at his ex-girlfriend Prima Ndagire, better known as Prima Kardashi.

Kardashi recently responded: “Those men who say bleached women aren’t sweet can’t get their heads out of their thighs (mimics a man vigorously performing oral sex). If you feel you are not happy, you can give it a break.”

Meanwhile, Kardashi is now back to dating his baby daddy Geosteady.

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