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AUDIO: Why Emmanuel Lwasa and Vanessa’s Kukyala was called off

The anticipated Kukyala ceremony between Masaka city businessman Emmanuel Lwasa and Vanessa has been called off.
According to reports, Vanessa’s relatives could not let the ceremony continue despite Lwasa investing heavily in having it happen.

Vanessa’s relatives called off the ceremony due to comments the Masaka tycoon made which were regarded wuite disrespectful.
Accorsing to reports, Vanessa called Lwasa’s best man and asked him not to proceed with the Kukyala as her parents were not ready to receive them.

Lwasa, however, disregarded the warnings as he had already sent money to Vanessa to make sure all the preparations for the ceremony would be successful.
He had also shopped for more requirements and gifts to give the parents and since he had not received an official statement from the larents, he went ahead to follow the initial plan of the day.

Lwasa was, however, eventually convinced by his relatives who warned that they were not going to visit a place they have been warned not to visit.
It’s reported that Lwasa’s allegations of nabbing Vanessa cheating on him with his driver caused the unexpected decision by the relatives.


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