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Azawi’s mum not bothered by her tomboyish character

Singer Azawi’s mother says her daughter’s tomboyish character does not bother her as long as she is achieving her goals.

Azawi, real name Priscilla Zawedde, is one of the few popular local musicians with a tomboyish character.

The way she dresses, how she walks, and just her vibe in general is boyish and if you follow her enough, it’s easy to see that she hangs around men most of the time.

Slowly, her management has had to add dresses in her closet and use a bit of makeup on her to slightly rebrand her for her feminine crowd. As a tomboy, she has faced a lot of criticism from netizens who have branded her several male titles, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

Neither does her mother!

Azawi’s mum, Ms Nakamate, during an interview noted that she is not bothered at all by her daughter’s fashion choices and character.

She noted that the 26 year old has been a tomboy since she was young because she is not a fan of skimpy outfits.

Ms. Nakamate further stressed that her daughter is free to wear whatever she wants as long as she is living a life she desires and achieving her goals.

Azawi recently held a successful African Music concert and her mother is proud of what she has managed to achieve since she was signed by Swangz Avenue.

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