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Bad Black Wanted Over Birthday Clothes

Socialite, Shanita Namuyimwa aka Bad Black is accused of failing to pay for clothes she ordered on her 33rd birthday.

On July 5, Bad Black aka Masolo Queen celebrated her 33rd birthday in style with Asha Panda.

According to a business lady, the ex-con ordered for two pieces worth 250k and only managed to pay 150k. She promised to bring back on a piece in vain and she has since blocked the business lady.

Munange I here for your help, BadBlack ordered clothes from me on her birthday , I delivered and when the boda guy reached her place she said she was to deposit direct on my line plus the delivery guy’s money “250k”. The day ended without her depositing the money but when I tried contacting her, she just kept on promising to deposit.

The following day after me making many calls and chats she just send me 100k and she promised to send the balance in a few minutes but she didn’t.

I kept on reminding her but what the best she did was blocking all my lines and WhatsApp.

I then tried her on snapchat but all she did was to send me 50k. When I told her about the other balance the best she said was that she will bring back one other piece one Monday but up to now she has failed to pay my balance nor bringing back the other piece and it’s almost a month”- Business Lady

This is not the first time Bad Black has been in involved controversies. In January 2022, Bad Black was reported to police after she received money and failed to deliver skin lightening creams.

In November 2021, the Masolo Queen found herself in trouble after she failed to pay car dealer 2.5m for car hire services.

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