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Bad Black wants to confirm Museveni still ‘likes’ her before seeking asylum

Shanita Namuyimbwa, also known as Bad Black, is planning to leave the country because she is broke.

But before she leaves, she wants to first consult with President Yoweri Museveni and see if he still wants her around.

“I’m so busy. I’m planning to seek asylum. Uganda is becoming tough. The country is so broke,” Bad Black said in an interview with Galaxy FM.

Asked if she understands the asylum process, she said: “I don’t know who is concerned, but I’ll talk to President [Yoweri Museveni] to guide me on whether he still likes me as a citizen or he should export me to another country.”

She was also asked about her relationship with DJ Litto, who most people recognised after the release of Tick Talk, the song on which he collaborated with Bebe Cool, Sheilah Gashumba, Slick Stuart and DJ Roja.

The song landed a nomination in the 2022 edition of the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA), where they are competing with the likes of Fave, Ruger, and KiDi in the same category.

Bad Black said: “He is a good man. He plays good music in Kampala, the whole of Uganda. So, I have to know him because he’s a public figure. You had other thoughts?”

The interviewer pressed: “People are saying you want him.”

Black responded: “I’m a married woman… But it seems you also like him [the interviewer was a woman].”

Feud with Ritah Kaggwa

Bad Black has for a long time feuded with Ugandan UK-based blogger Rita Kaggwa. In August, she was in Kampala to introduce her Nigerian surveyor fiance Joseph Oshunkoya to her parents.

Sarcastically asked why she didn’t attend the function, Black said: “I’m still demanding Ritah Kaggwa, the one I see in pictures with filter effects. I don’t know the one that came here… China gave me fake Ritah Kaggwa. I want the original one. Next summer, when she returns, I want to see the original.”

The socialite also mocked Kaggwa, saying she [Kaggwa] married herself when she was told that by holding an introduction ceremony, Kaggwa had gotten one up on her.

“No. The reason you haven’t seen my wedding function is because I can’t wait that long to throw myself a wedding party… She married herself. Does that Nigerian look serious to you?… Don’t ask me about her… I’m not concerned… The Kaggwa I know is not the one who came here,” she said.

On Kaggwa being prettier than her and Zari, Black said: “No… Of the people she should compare herself with, Zari is not among. She’s beautiful, classy, everything… she also can’t be prettier than me. Ritah is ugly. The one I know. Why do you think I nicknamed her Zombie?… She is a zombie.”

Kaggwa has said their quarrels were instigated after Bad Black learned that she (Kaggwa) was hired to manage her (Bad Black’s) ex-boyfriend’s properties.

Black once dated a British tycoon named David Greenhalgh, whose money she embezzled and went to prison for. According to Kaggwa, Greenhalgh’s official wife, Dorothy Apuyo, aka Parks Dee Laker, hired her to manage their property in the UK.

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