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Beef Alert: Nandy vs Zuchu

A grudge between two of Tanzania’s top female artists Nandy and Zuchu has been exposed by a radio presenter by the name of Mwijaku from Clouds Fm.

According to leaked audio that is making rounds on social media Mwijaku is heard claiming that Nandy offered him 1.8 million Tanzanian shillings to speak ill of Zuchu on his social media, an appeal he declined, saying no to tarnishing Zuchus’s name.

The issue allegedly arose from an endorsement from an alcoholic company that Zuchu turned down due to her values. Mwijaku in the audio is heard saying that he does not wish to be involved in the rivalry between the two stars as Zuchu had done nothing wrong to him.

The leaked audio has brought to the limelight the cold war that was perceived by many fans but couldn’t point a finger to.
The rivalry between the two top artists could be traced back to when Zuchu took over from Nandy as the most followed female artist on charts and Youtube.

Zuchu joined the industry after being signed by Diamond’s Wasafi record in April 2020 and since then she has been breaking records as far as music is concerned.

Just a week after joining Wasafi Zuchu hit 100 000 subscribers and received a silver plaque. She became the first person to receive the honor within the shortest period.

Within the next 11 months that followed she hit a million followers surpassing Nandy who was at the time the most followed Tanzanian female artist. Yet again she was the first artist in Africa to hit a million mark within the shortest period.


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Needless to say that her music and her association with the Wasafi records have played a good role in her fast rise to fame.

Aside from being the most followed female on Youtube in Tanzania, she is also the fourth most followed coming behind her boss Diamond Platinumz who has 6 million subscribers, Rayvanny with 3 million subscribers same as Harmonize, and Mbosso with 2.1 million subscribers.


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Neither Nandy nor Zuchu has come out to address the matter. This rivalry gets on the list of many other beefs that have been witnessed in Tanzania between big artists, the oldest being between Diamond and Alikiba.

The rivalry which was largely fuelled by their fans trying to compare the two and establish who between them is the ultimate king of bongo has lasted for years.

Diamond has however appeared to outgrow the beef and is ready to work with Alikiba regardless. He, in fact, addressed their rivalry in the EP he just released where in the lyrics he says he has been thinking about it and has come to the conclusion, that it has been nothing but a backward fight for fans and support.
We hope Nandy and Zuchu will settle their differences as well and at least work together.

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