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Besigye beats security, makes his way to city centre

Opposition strongman Dr. Kizza Besigye has beaten security and sneaked out of his home in Kasangati.
Besigye is currently in the Kampala city centre protesting against the high cost of living in the country.

The FDC stalwart has said that he will not stop demonstrating until the government does something. According to Besigye, President Museveni’s speech about the economic challenges did not offer any solution to Uganda’s economic crisis.

“He would have summarised it in one sentence.” “We don’t have anything to do; tighten your belts and suffer,” Besigye said.
Security has already been deployed in an attempt to arrest him.

On Monday, police blocked Besigye as he attempted to resume his ‘Muzukuke’ campaign, which aims to awaken Ugandans to oppose rising commodity prices.

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