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Bobi Wine Announces Plan To Repatriate Stranded Ugandans In Arab Countries

Bobi Wine, real name Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu – the National Unity Platform president has announced plan to repatriate Ugandans stranded in the United Arab Emirates and other Arab countries.
This development comes after some Ugandans pleaded with him to take over the initiative as the government kept a deaf ear.

Due to lack of employment opportunities, some Ugandans started flying to Arab countries seeking for greener pastures. Some sell their properties hoping to uplift themselves but after reaching, plans backfire.
Some agencies swindle money from employment seekers leaving Ugandans stranded with no jobs, food and shelter.

The worst cases come from women who go to work as maids. Some have suffered at the hands of their bosses who torture, force them to work for long hours without rest and food.
Due to increasing number of complaints, UAE government stepped up efforts. This year, they announced that foreigners who were in overstay and want to go home should register.
A thousands surrendered and they were thrown in detention centers. Some countries sent planes and repatriated their nationals but Ugandans are still stranded.

Despite reaping millions of money from Ugandans on kyeyo, the government has failed to come up with concrete plan to help Ugandans who are suffering in Arab countries.
Following pleas from Ugandans, Bobi Wine and Nubian Li have announced concerts aimed at raising funds to assist Ugandans stranded in Arab countries.
With Multmind and Kats promotions, Bobi Wine and Nubian Li will stage concerts in Abu Hail Club Stadium – Dubai on October 8, Villagio Hotel & Resort – Abu Dhabi on October 9 aimed at raising funds.

Poster announcing Bobi Wine and Nubian Li

“We are Announcing a Concert Aimed at Raising Funds to Assist our People Stuck in Dubai and other Arab Countries. As we know, hundreds of Ugandans are stranded in these countries with no help. Many of them want to return home but have no funds to facilitate their travels back home.
On 8th October, 2022 we shall be live in concert at Abu Hail Club Stadium in Dubai, and on 9th October, 2022 in Abu Dhabi at Villagio Hotel & Resort.
Proceeds from the concert will go to assist Ugandans who are stuck in detention centres in Dubai and other Arab Countries including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman. Let’s turn up in large numbers and make the cause worthwhile.
Because the numbers of those in detention are so huge, in the coming days we shall guide on how other people of good will can contribute to this cause.” – Bobi Wine post on Facebook page

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