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Bobi Wine ‘told me women are like children,’ says Victor Kamenyo

Born Derrick Katongole, the rapper subscribes to the Wine-led political party National Unity Platform, and has previously run under the party ticket for Lord Councilor LCV Rubaga Division in Kampala.

Kamenyo, who is currently trying to win back the love of Ruth Akoragye, who recently left him after finding him flirting with another woman over WhatsApp, said he looks up to many aspects of Wine’s life.

“He is my president and friend, and he is also my mentor. I follow him a lot in whatever he is doing, starting with his relationship… his approach is perfect. I had gone for mentorship and advice. I had an opportunity to talk to him, and I talked to him about my problems, and he told me if you get time, you’ll pass by. You know he is a busy man, so I thank God that I got the opportunity… He gave me some advice,” Kamenyo said, adding that he taught him something important about women.

“He told me women are like children. That for a woman, you need to know she is a child and you don’t stop fighting for what you want, so I now feel strong and hopeful.”

Wine has been married to Barbara Itungo, also known as Barbie, for 11 years.

Kamenyo said Wine told him that praying also helps.

“He told me to seek God’s favour in whatever I’m doing… He is a very intelligent man,” the Nakayima hitmaker said.

The crooner, who has made many futile attempts to convince Akoragye back into the relationship, including handwriting apologies, taking flowers to her home, and tattooing her face on his chest – still believes he has a chance.

The Nduulu singer also noted that she also keeps away from her relatives who try to talk to her about him.

“Even her relatives that to talk to her about me, she starts avoiding them,” he said.

They had been together for two years.

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