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Buchaman Defends Sheebah’s Dresscode

Buchaman Defends Sheebah’s Dresscode
Self-proclaimed ghetto president, Buchaman has joined many celebrities who have come out to defend Sheebah Karungi’s choice of outfits a few days after she narrated that she was sexually harassed by a man in her car.
Sheebah says her sexy body is not for the touch even if she wears skimpy clothes that leave little to the imagination.

According to Buchaman, Sheebah and other women should be allowed to wear whatever they want since it is their right.
“Even at home when your woman is naked you don’t just rape her. You must first seek consent then you pounce,” he said and encouraged men to respect women.

Sheebah’s dress code continues to cause divided opinions on social media.
Some blame her for putting men in a tight spot due to her nearly naked outfits while others say she has the right to parade her body.

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