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Catherine Kusasira confirms her home is up for auctioning over accumulated debts

Singer Catherine Kusasira has confirmed reports concerning her house in Luwaffu, Makindye being put up for auction by Cranimer Associates.

In a recording accessed by this website, Catherine Kusasira is clearly heard admitting to the reports saying it is not only the house she has so far lost since she started facing financial troubles.

She notes that a lot of her property has been taken due to loans and other stuff usually engineered by some individuals who do not wish her well.

She explains that the Fountain of Honour gifted her many things but a section of individuals within State House declined to fulfill what had been assigned to her due to jealousy and envy.

She is, however, very positive that she will overcome the situation she is facing and said she does not need the help of anyone at the moment.

Kusasira noted that she is sure the president will look into her matters and help her sort out everything.

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