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Catherine Kusasira Demands To Meet Bobi Wine

Catherine Kusasira Demands To Meet Bobi Wine

Catherine Kusasira and Big Eye were stopped from attending the burial of Mathias Walukaaga’s father in Masaka by National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters on Wednesday.

Kusasira has now resolved to meet with the NUP leader to sort out their differences.

Kusasira believes Bobi Wine must tame his supporters and they have to understand that every Ugandan has a political choice. Not all everyone must support Bobi Wine.

“He should stop his supporters from attacking us, it is our right to associate with NRM. We had gone to grieve with our friend, Walukaaga. They had no right to treat like trash,” she said in an interview with a local television on Wednesday evening.

Insiders informed this website that she phoned Mesach Semakula asking him to mediate the meeting on her behalf.

“She wants to meet with Bobi Wine through Mesach Semakula. I think she will be heard because Bobi Wine respects him,” an insider told this website.

It should be noted that Big Eye and Catherine Kusasira are one of the most hated musicians in Uganda because of their affiliation to the ruling party.

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