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Catholic Church’s Silence On SMACK HM “Deodati ” Homosexual Acts Is Very Damaging – Simon Kaggwa Njala

Catholic Church’s Silence On SMACK HM Homosexual Acts Is Very Damaging – Simon Kaggwa Njala
NBS Morning Breeze presenter Simon Kaggwa Njala has come out to urge the Catholic Church to break its silence on the homosexual allegations against St Mary’s College Kisubi headmaster Brother Deodati Aganyira.

According to the journalist, the continued silence of the church is more damaging to it’s image than that of Aliganyira.
The journalist further said the Catholic Church, community brothers, school board and SMACKOBA (old boy association) should come out and address these allegations.

Simon Kaggwa Njala also said that silence is often interpreted as an admission of guilt. Therefore this “blackmail” is more dangerous to the church than to an individual.
“It’s disingenuous for the Catholic Church, the community of Brothers, SMACKOBA & the school board to stay mute as the SMACK Headmaster remains in the crossfire. Silence is often interpreted as an admission of guilt. The current blackmail dents more the church than Aganyira.”

Earlier this week, social media was awash with allegations against the SMACK headmaster.
NUP social media propagandist Fred Lumbuye broke this news. He alleged that Brother Deodati Aganyira is homosexual.
The most shocking incident allegedly happened in 2009 while he was the headteacher at St Edwards Bukumi in Kakumiro district.

After they caught him with a male junior staff member in a lodge, they quickly deposed Deodati as the headmaster.
He however allegedly had the Deputy headteacher Ms Constance Nanyondo’s house burnt to ashes. He hoped to destroy the photo and video evidence through this disguised school riot.
Ms Constance Nanyondo however took the alleged evidence to Robert Kabushenga the then Vision Group CEO.

However, they allegedly blocked Vision Group from airing the true authentic story. Instead, they twisted the article about how Ms Constance Nanyondo’s house caught fire.
The then Police IGP Kale Kayihura also allegedly reinstated Deodati to his position.
13 years later, he’s now the headteacher of the biggest Catholic school in the country. Apparently, the Catholic church knows all about his vices but has never condemned them and they let him roam around freely.

He was at the center stage in the controversy involving Bobi Wine’s son Solomon Kampala who they allegedly caught with Marijuana at school.
NUP is constantly at the centre of accusations of slander, blackmail and threatening of its opposition. Probably just like most political parties in the country. And with Lumbuye at the centre of this controversy, the story is doubtful.

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