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Chameleone’s Brother, Humphrey Trashes Daniella For Disclosing Family Secrets

Humphrey Mayanja, Jose Chameleone’s elder brother is not happy with Daniella Atim’s continued washing of their family’s dirty linen in public.

On Thursday, Atim, in celebration of World Daughter’s day took to Instagram to let her followers know that her husband’s parents told her they wanted a son as the firstborn.

Luckily enough, Atim had a boy first, but then she had two more boys before having a girl, and the family now switched goalposts and started demanding a daughter.

Atim said the characters of her parents-in-law pushed her to stop her children from visiting them because she believed they were going to poison their minds. She only allowed them if she was going to accompany them.

Whereas Chameleone, who is presently in the US distanced from the story, his acerbic tongued brother Mayanja wasn’t happy with Daniella’s revelations. He went for the juggernaut with a cryptic but telling post:

Just asking , does a person who grew up in an orphanage have a right to talk about another person’s mother? –  Humphrey Mayanja,

The statement was later referenced to Daniella Atim Mayanja was raised by the late father John Scalabrini who was her foster father. The post generated a lot of debate before it was later pulled down.

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