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Daniella Atim calls out feminists to fight for Sandra Teta

Singer Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone’s wife Daniella Atim has called upon feminists to come up and raise their voices to help Weasel’s wife Sandra Teta get justice.
Last week, a photo in which Sandra Teta appeared to have been severely beaten, bruised, and with a swollen face went viral on social media.

It raised allegations that she had been badly thumped by her husband, Weasel.
She, however, distanced herself from the allegations through her social media platforms where she revealed that she was rather thumped by thugs.

Her claims were, however, thrown doubt as an audio recording came up showing how Weasel had attacked her at Nomads bar demanding that she should stop partying and start taking care of their children.
Daniella Atim has now requested self-proclaimed feminists to get to work and fight for Sandra’s rights.
She wants them to raise their voices and help Samdra Teta out of the toxic relationship she seems to be trapped in.

Daniella also shared more photos of Teta allegedly taken after she was battered by Weasel in December 2021.
“These are pictures of Sandra in December; Sandra needs all of our help, in any form. She needs all of us to raise our voices to help her with the first and most important thing, her confidence.

Let’s all put our weight behind Sandra and help her walk this journey. Dear ladies, there is no better time to empower a fellow woman than now.
All your self-proclaimed feminists, the time is now. Let’s Speak up, let Sandra’s voice be heard through ours . Sandra’s children deserve better.” – Daniella Atim Mayanja

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