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Singer, Desire Luzinda set the rumour mill abuzz when she introduced gospel singer Sam Lucas Lubyogo to her relatives.

Sources there tell us that it was a very private function and phones had to be confiscated to ensure no one leaked the footage to the media.

However, some grainy footage of the event was leaked to the media.  Even though those in attendance have since been tight lipped, latest news we hear is that Desire Luzinda’s father, Hajji Jamada Luzinda asked for bride price of 15 Fresian cows for his 37-year-old daughter.

Brides in Uganda come with a price, traditionally paid by the groom’s family to the bride’s family. The general feeling is that the price goes down if the woman is older- which is not the case with Desire Luzinda.

The function that happened on Wednesday evening had celebrity guests such as Andrew Kyamagero, Patrick Salvador and his wife Daphine, Karitas Karisimbi, Pr Wilson Bugembe as well as Pr Bugingo who acted as Levixone’s father and his wife Suzan Makula. It is one of them who leaked the closed-door ride price negotiations before word was spread around.

On Saturday Desire Luzinda posted a cryptic message on her socials saying, “Broken people save broken people.”

However, fer fans told her to be confident. “Be confident dear, you don’t need validation, it’s up to the two of you. People will always be critical,” a one Doreen Muheebwa wrote.

Depending on many factors, including the family’s tribe, financial situation and the bride’s age, common bride prices range from Sh1m Ugandan to sh50m and more depending on many factors.

In 2015, Uganda’s highest court banned the practice of husbands asking for a refund of the bride price when the marriage ends. Delivery of the original payment is legal – but the refund was deemed unconstitutional as it would deny a woman her equal rights.

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