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Diamond Fines Rayvanny 50 Million

Just when we thought that the waters surrounding Rayvanny’s Wasafi exit had settled, someone stirs them again. So reports have emerged that Wasafi records is going to charge Rayvanny 50 million Tanzanian Shillings as a fine for breach of contract between the artist and the record label.

Well according to Clouds Radio presenter Mwijaku Rayvanny breached the contract when he performed at Nandy’s show before they had finalized the paperwork with Wasafi, which technically means he was still under Wasafi while he did the performance with Nandy.

The fifty million fine here is in addition to the 800 million shillings the Chuchuma hitmaker was supposed to pay to Diamond’s owned record label before he made his exit. Reports say that the payment had not yet been made as there arose some misunderstanding regarding the possession and control of the social media and digital platforms including Youtube which is a huge source of revenue for the artist.

The matter had not yet been resolved and so awaiting the two parties to come to an agreement Rayvanny was not required to perform without the authorization of Wasafi, something he did.

The Wasafi record label however has a history of having artists leaving with bad blood with the boss who is Diamond. In the recent past, we have seen the exit of artists like Harmonize and Rich Mavoko being quite messy.

When Harmonize and Rich Mavoko left Wasafi they accused Diamond of taking more than 70% of their proceeds from the music hence making it hard for them to grow. Despite all the accusations, Wasafi remains one of the biggest record labels in East Africa carrying big artists such as Mbosso, Zuchu, and Lavalava.

What had been seen by many fans to be a smooth transition is slowly turning to be messy despite the parties involved trying to shield and hide the mess happening behind the scenes.

Rayvanny’s exit was quite peaceful as he went on social media to express his gratitude to Diamond and Wasafi in general for helping him achieve the success he has achieved in his music.

On the other hand, Diamond has been on the record defending WCB by saying that as much as he is out to promote talent and support upcoming artists, he is also a businessman and Wasafi is a business. As such when he takes in artists he makes an investment in them by financing their music and shows, and when many get success fame and money they only want to enjoy it alone not putting into consideration his business investment in them.

That being the case we wait to see how Wasafi and Rayvanny are going to handle the differences that are emerging. Neither Rayvanny nor Diamond has spoken anything concerning these claims.

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