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Diana Nabatanzi Roasts Sanyuka TV And Their Uncut Show Presenters

BS TV presenter Diana Nabatanzi has come out to roast Sanyuka TV’s Uncut show presenters Zahara Toto and Kaiyz. Nabatanzi wondered why these are fighting so hard to put her down despite never responding to them. Plus despite all their baseless allegations about her.

This followed a rumor that B2C’s Mr. Lee was set to do a Kukyala with Nabatanzi. Zahara Toto came out to trash the rumor saying that it was fake.

She further said that Mr. Lee can only get intimately involved with Nabatanzi and even impregnate her. He shouldn’t however marry her because she’s too old for him.

Nabatanzi didn’t let these words sink in easily as she issued a reply to Zahara, Kaiyz and the entire Sanyuka TV. The Aromatic productions actress said that these should stop using the media to fight personal battles.

She added that these people should know that the TV stations don’t belong to their ancestors. They can therefore be replaced anytime and should know their boundaries.

“It’s so bad that we have made the media an avenue to fight personal battles. It hurts a lot to see a media presenter acting like the TV station belongs to their grandfather and start insulting another presenter. How can a whole big entire TV station concentrate on a single person? Is it the workers or the TV station that has an issue with me? This baffles me a lot and confuses me. The battles you are fighting have exceeded people’s understanding, so please come out and explain what I did to you.
Did I kill your kinsmen? You create fake news, spread and clear it and credit yourselves. For an entire year you were fighting me and we are in another year but still on the same person, it’s so embarrassing.”

Sanyuka TV’s Uncut show has rubbed many people the wrong way ever since it came onto air three years ago. Nabatanzi has been one of the victims of the show’s sometimes weird rumors.

She was last year dragged severally because of her failed relationship with Masaka tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa.

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