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Dianah Nabatanzi Reignites Beef With Lwasa, Trashes Him | Sends Message To Stalkers Too

Dianah Nabatanzi, BBS Terefayina presenter has reignited beef with former bankroller, Lwasa Emmanuel Kaweesi, rebuking him not to trash ladies after rejecting him.
The same massage goes to stalkers who end up beefing her after turning down their advances. Lwasa and Dianah Nabatanzi dated for five years and parted ways after she deliberately refused to produce for him a child.

Lwasa revealed that he started Nabatanzi a boutique, bought her a car, and was renting for her an apartment.
When he asked her to produce for him a child, she told him he was impotent.
After parting ways, Lwasa started dating Nabatanzi’s friend, Angel Kwakunda. He started attacking Nabatanzi in media but the BBS Terefayina ignored him completely.

It became a habit for Lwasa to attack former girlfriends. After parting ways with Angel Kwakunda, he branded her a thief.
Last week, Lwasa was humiliated in front of his relatives who had come to escort him for an introduction ceremony. Vanessa Vanny tricked him, ate his money and cancelled introduction ceremony at the last minute.
The introduction ceremony was supposed to take place on last Thursday but pushed on Sunday. On Sunday, Venessa Vanny told Lwasa’s Best Man that the function was off.

He started attacking and humiliating her family. This did not go well with Nabatanzi, who told the former boyfriend to accept defeat.
He advised Lwasa to always accept defeat in case a person rejects him.
“Omuntu bwakugaana ate togufuula musango! Am so beautiful, blessed and i know it! Deal with it.- Dianah Nabatanzi
Dianah Nabatanzi is currently rumoured to be dating B2C’s singer, Richard Mugisha aka Mr. Lee.

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