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Dre Cali battling strange illness in Canada

A few months ago, former Mpaka Records singer Dre Cali disappeared in thin air without his management’s consent.

It was later discovered that he had abandoned his music career for Canada where he is currently residing with some family members.

The latest news is that Dre Cali is reportedly treating a strange illness.

Douglas Lwanga broke the news during his show on NBS TV.

“I was told by a credible source that the reason Dre Cali refused to come back to Uganda is that he has a serious medical condition. He had pus coming out of his ears so when he got an opportunity to go to Canada, he decided not to come back.

That’s why all his social media pages have been dormant. He is not chilling and relaxing as we thought, he’s battling some sicknesses. I can’t however confirm or refute this,” said Douglas Lwanga.

We shall keep you posted as this story unfolds.

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