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Dre Cali gets new stage name, shooting new visuals

In his major quest for a musical return, Stephen Andrew Katende a.k.a Dre Cali has rebranded to a new alias just a few weeks before he releases a new music project.

In April 2022, following Dre Cali’s departure from Uganda, Ykee Benda revealed how Mpaka Records owns his alias ‘Dre Cali’ and that was still contractually bound to the label.

“Yes. The name “Dre Cali” is a brand, a trademark, and we own it as Mpaka Records. He still has a running contract with Mpaka,” Ykee said.

Dre left Mpaka Records and started a new life in Canada where he seems to have found his footing and love for music yet again.

News reaching us now indicates that he has been taking his time while taking the right steps to make sure his return is a remarkable one.

One of the things he has already changed about his brand is his stage name. He now goes by the alias ‘USB’ which in full is ‘Ultmate Sound Boy’.

He has been shooting the visuals for his next project dubbed ‘BLIP – Beautiful Like In Pictures’ and the project is likely to be released in April.

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