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Eddy Yaawe in a bitter fall out with Martha Mukisa over the “Neteze” song 

Eddy Yaawe in a bitter fall out with Martha Mukisa over the “Neteze” song

“Neteze” song by musicians, Martha Mukisa and Eddy Yaawe has been topping charts on several music countdowns.

But as we write this, the pair behind the bang are having a bitter fall out. The song was recently deleted from Martha’s YouTube channel.

It is reported that musician Eddy Yaawe has full rights to the song.

He directed his technical team to reach out to YouTube copyright, and the social media company accepted and deleted the song after getting all information needed.

The song now remains available only on Eddy Yaawe’s YouTube channel.

It should be noted that Eddy Yaawe at one time fell out with Carol Nantogo over ownership of the “Tukigale” song. The female singer also lost all ownership rights to the male musician.

However, close pals of Martha Mukisa, say she remains hopeful that she will regain ownership rights.
Her team is in talks with Eddy Yaawe to find a beneficial solution for both parties.

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