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Emmanuel Lwasa is on the hunt for a lover who is ready to settle

It is safe to say Masaka city businessman Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi’s relationship with Vanessa ended in premium tears following the cancellation of their Kukyala ceremony that was scheduled to take place yesterday.
Based on the reports that we received, Vanessa’s relatives called off the ceremony due to comments the Masaka businessman made which were regarded as disrespectful toward their daughter.

The statements rubbed Vanessa’s relatives the wrong way to the extent that they couldn’t permit Lwasa to get closer to their home thus issuing threats of possibly embarrassing him on arrival.
When the threats reached Lwasa who had invested millions of shillings in the Kukyala ceremony, he took a chill pill and followed what he had been told.

He immediately took to his Facebook page to reveal how he is currently on the hunt for another lover who is ready to settle down with him and hold marital ceremonies.
He wrote saying the person he had promised to offer a bunch of bananas, just made off with a cluster and went on to scoff at Vanessa stressing that she had gone through a lot of stressful lifestyles.

“Gwenasuubiza enkota adduse nekiwagu. Ennaku ebadde yamuyonka dda .
Ani ali ready ?”- Emmanuel Lwasa

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