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Fast and Furious actor Djimon Hounsou spends weekend in Uganda

Hollywood A-lister Djimon Hounsou spent the weekend in Uganda, to the shock of many Ugandan fans who were not aware.

Djimon’s low-key visit did not raise much dust on the internet since only a few citizens were privy to it.

The Fast and Furious actor’s visit was only highlighted by a local tabloid that ridiculed citizens on the internet for not even recognizing such a braggadocio-worthy moment.

Djimon Hounsou is suspected to have spent most of his time in Western Uganda as Mbarara based farm lodge, Emburara took to their official social media pages to thank Djimon for the visit.

“Thank you, Djimon Hounsou, for your love and interest to visit us & experiencing #lifeonthefarm.

We look forward to hosting you at #EmburaraLodges Emburara Farm Lodge Chimpundu Lodge,” the farm lodge posted.

The photo was accompanied by pictures of him in the company of the lodge’s management and an unknown white man.

Djimon is a superstar of A-list status as he has featured in movies such as Fast and Furious, The King’s man, Gladiator, Captain Marvel, among other chart-topping movies.

His role in the movie Gladiator gained him global recognition, but he has built a reputation for himself as a humble person. Despite his success, he still visits his home country, Benin.

Reasons for his visit are yet to be known.

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