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Felista Da Superstar’s Parents embroiled in a Custody battle 

Felista Da Superstar’s Parents embroiled in a Custody battle

The young rapper, Felista Da Superstar, is at the center of bad press. The news is that her parents are embroiled in a custody battle for the youngster.

Felistar’s mother, Hafsah Nalubega is demanding to be allowed to spend time with Felista, especially during the holidays.

Hafsah, who has not been in her daughter’s life for a long time says her daughter is at an age where she needs a mother figure.

She adds that the young rapper is bad-mannered.  She wants to guide her to the right path.

Nalubega also accuses her baby daddy of using their child to earn a living saying that he has no other job other than managing her.

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