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Fifi Da Queen breaks silence on splitting with Fab Love

Media personality Phiona Nabitengero, also known as Fifi Da Queen, said the romance between her and Fab Love, real name Abdallah Nsubuga, is still strong.

The former Vision Group employee took to TikTok to explain her relationship following reports that she had split with her baby daddy.

The couple has been married for four years.

“I’m taking this opportunity to make you know if I’m hurting you, get medicine in time because I’ll pain you until death. Secondly, go get a refund… because this marriage is not going anywhere,” she said.

“Thirdly, I gave birth to the child, that man, and this kid hurt you a lot. But,.. you will sit your arses down… I want to remind you that I am the only woman Nsubuga has, who stays in a flat and drives a Benz and a BMW.”

Some of the commenters on her video commenters didn’t believe her message.

“I can feel your pain,” one of the commenters said. Another commenter responded to that comment: “If she kept quiet we wouldn’t have known her pain and she has shown us that rumours are true.”

Another comment read: “Sometimes if you know the truth you don’t have to explain yourself to people. If you explain, it seems you are being hurt by what they are saying.”

Some comments were positive.

“I love people like Fifi, now haters are shaking,” a commenter posted.

Another said: “Tell them, they will learn to mind their business.”

The couple had their first child in 2018 and she recently gave birth to their second child.

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