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Fik Fameica admits to spending nights at Lydia Jazmine’s home during lockdown

Before the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown hit, singer Fik Fameica and Lydia Jazmine were inseparable and often appeared to be in the company of each other.
They went on and dropped a song together dubbed Binji and the chemistry in the video ignited rumors that the two were dating.

The “Kutama” singer has admitted to having spent some nights at Lydia Jazmine’s apartment during the lockdown.
Fik Famecia let thr cat out kf the bag during an interview with media recently.

He, however, maintained that his closeness to Lydia Jazmine was basic friendship and nothing beyond that despite the rumors that made rounds alleging that they were dating.
“Nothing happened between me and Lydia Jazmine. People misunderstood our relationship and took it us as a couple but Lydia Jazmine is just my close friend who I love so much,” Fik noted.

He further defended himself by stressing that ever since the night life economy was opened, they each took different directions and their busy schedules haven’t let them meet much.
“During the lockdown, we were very idle with less to do but now everyone is occupied. That is why you were all able to see us spending time together (at her home). But I didn’t spend there many nights.” -Fik Fameica

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