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Fille is my business partner at Kats Music – Mc Kats

Musician Fille and Mc Kats Fille dated for over six years but in 2019, the couple separated and Fille took a break from the music industry.

Since their split, Mc Kats has been working tirelessly to get Fille’s attention but all in vain.

As an ex-lover, father to her child, and music manager, Fille advised him to only focus on raising their child but the NBS Presenter insisted on doing it all.

On Monday, Mc Kats organized a press conference where Fille was supposed to speak to the media but unfortunately, she did not appear.

The journalists at the scene said Mc Kats made all plans without Fille’s knowledge.
He claimed she got a heart attack on her way.

Mc Kats explained to the press that Fille is no longer signed to Kats Music but rather she is a business partner.

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