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Finally Turkish Court rules against LUMBUYE Deportation.

Our Turkish legal team led by counsel ADNAN SAHIN have briefed me that the Turkish Court have formally passed a ruling in favor of LUMBUYE FRED quashing the illegal attempts to deport him by Uganda.

We applaud the Turkish Government and Turkish Judiciary for according Lumbuye a fair hearing and judicious ruling so far.

I have subsequently made a telephone call to the Turkish Ambasador in Kampala,H.E. Karim Alp & notified him that as the alternative government in Uganda, we welcome this Turkish Court decision canceling Lumbuye Deportation.

We welcome the Turkish Court decision canceling deportation of LUMBUYE FRED as a milestone & call for continued protection of All Uganda Nationals in diaspora. We urge the United Nations agencies to equally take kin and quick positions in the protection of Uganda Nationals in the diaspora & those in uganda.

Thank you Ugandans world over for standing in solidarity,thank you NUP/People Power and special appreciation to our President Kyagulanyi SSENTAMU Robert

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