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Frank Gashumba Is A Confusion Monger – NUP Deputy Spokesperson Waiswa Mufumbiro

The National Unity Platform (NUP) Deputy spokesperson Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro launched a scathing attack on businessman Frank Gashumba during last night’s Barometer show on NBS TV.

Mufumbiro referred to Gashumba as a confusion monger. He also added that Gashumba is the most elderly obscene person he’s ever seen.

This was after Gashumba talked about the insults he has been facing for long from NUP. Gashumba said that he’s been criticizing the government for so long.

However, he’s never been insulted and tortured like how NUP has done to him. Gashumba added that the young people insulting him can be forgiven. What can’t be forgiven are those training them.

“I have criticized this government for many years, but I have never been abused this much in my life for criticizing NUP. We shall forgive the young people abusing us online but shall not forgive the people training them.

99% of people demeaning and abusing others online either have a picture of Kyagulanyi as their profile photo or the NUP logo,” Gashumba said.

Furthermore, he said that Kyagulanyi should have addressed this group already. This is because he has a weapon other Opposition politicians don’t have which is music. This reaches places before he even does.

However, Mufumbiro attacked Gashumba saying that he has no moral authority to talk about the insults. This is because he’s one of the most obscene people he knows.

He cited how Gashumba spent almost a week insulting Buganda’s Premier Charles Peter Mayiga through social media. This was some time ago.

Furthermore, Mufumbiro tasked NBS TV to stop inviting people like Gashumba who have no decorum. He cited the honors of the other panelists and questioned Gashumba’s to no avail.

“Mr. Gashumba doesn’t have the moral authority to talk about young people. He spent a whole week demeaning the Katikkiro of Buganda. He’s the most obscene person I have ever met. He is a confusion monger.

NBS, this is a task for you. Make sure that the people you invite here have decorum,” Mufumbiro said.

According to Waiswa Mufumbiro, Gashumba has charges of sexual assault and forgery printed onto his name. Therefore, he has no moral authority to go lecturing others about how to behave.

This is especially after the government has committed a lot of atrocities against his people (NUP).

Mufumbiro rallied more followers of Kyagulanyi who have been insulting Gashumba to step up. If they have been 10,000 they should upgrade to a million.

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