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Fresh Details: MPs bagged Shs.160m but NUP members Declared only 40m

Fresh reports from Parliament suggest that all MPs received shs 160 million last month.

But only 40 million was reported as having been given to the legislators.

Until today, the reasons for advancing cash to MPs remain unknown, at a time the country grapples with high costs of living.

A litre of petrol costs close to two dollars while a bar of soap can be acquired at three dollars in a retail shop.

The 11th Parliament has 529 members. If each collected 160 million it totals to shs 84 billion.

Reports of MPs awarding themselves shs 40 million sparked off outrage among members of the public while opposition establishment- National Unity Platform (NUP) directed its MPs to return the money which they defied.

Reports in media suggested that mid last month the MPs picked envelopes of money from the Speaker’s residence, prompting observers to question why it couldn’t be deposited on their bank accounts.

Unconfirmed reports indicated that this was an appreciation to all the 529 lawmakers for passing the supplementary budget.

Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi, the NUP president said the money was a bribe and wouldn’t allow party legislators to take it.

His efforts however, fell on deaf ears.

160 million

This website has landed on reliable information indicating that MPs bagged more than 40 million as earlier reported.

A source at Parliament said, MPs received shs 160 million but in two installments.

“They first received 120 million from a certain venue in Kampala before they could get 40 million,” said a source.

“The orders were simple, make sure no one knows about the 120 million,” added a source.

The MPs have tried to keep the secret.

This website has also learned that the money especially the 120 million didn’t come from Parliamentary commission but from people “with unknown interests in parliament.”

Several of the MPs contacted to clear air on shs 120 million vehemently denied and asked this website not to mention their names either.

“Don’t even say you contacted me. I don’t want problems,” some of the lawmakers said.

As to what stirs fear among themselves remains unknown.

Parliament denies payment

Chris Obore, parliament’s director for communication earlier denied that MPs were given any money. He said sometimes, MPs drum up such stories when they have disagreed politically on something and want to tarnish the name of the speaker.

“I can tell you, there is no way parliament can pay MPs in cash; never. Under which law? Which bank can you withdraw that money from? If they have been given money then it is not from the parliamentary commission account,” Obore said.

He explained that the only money that parliament allocated itself to cater for unfunded priorities like the buying of the speaker and deputy speaker’s cars, was the Shs 193 billion which was highlighted in recent weeks.

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