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Furious NBS TV Sheila Gashumba blasts Cafesserie Restaurant over racism against blacks in Uganda

Angry NBS TV presenter has attacked and exposed city food mat Cafesserie restaurant at Acacia Mall for beings racists against blacks in Uganda.

According to Sheilah Gashumba, Cafesserie Restaurant gives white clients more attention compared to blacks. She claims that Ugandan workers choose white clients over Ugandan clients.

she further revealed that at Cafesserie, blacks are forced to wear masks but rather not the case for whites.

“Caffesirie at acacia is racists with no customer care in the morning from 7am because their bosses aren’t around!! Ugandan workers choose white clients over Ugandan clients!! White clients don’t need to have masks at acacia but black clients have to!!,” Sheilah fumed.

“The funny part of the story of that I chose Caffesirie over cafe Javas and my friends all said ‘Sheilah we warned about this place, we should have gone to cafe Javas’”, Sheilah added.

The attack by the socialite has sent social media in mixed reactions as many reveals their experience at the restaurant.

“I have been to this place several times and had top class service. I am happy to know how you concluded they are racists,” NBS TV Journalist Samson Kasumba commented.

“Those girls pretend not to see Ugandans for us we sat for like 40 minutes paka wetwagenda nga ba sis bali kunyumyamu na’bazungu Regardless our Rolex guys never disappoint,” another tweep identified as Quin Glosh said.

“And please note this black white thing does not stop in Uganda …. You need to visit some restaurants in Dubai or Europe most especially Germany with black girls working as bar tenders or restaurants attendants you will stop complaining. Some of us twaguma,” Katende Ronald.

“Ugandans(some) don’t tip the waiters while white(most) tip the waiters. It’s a means of survival since most of their daily expenses are met by tips from clients. This is where you have to draw the line. Even if it were you. Again move with your mask just for entry purposes!!!!” another tweep said.

“I have been a victim of this racism on many tourists sites and hotels from clients giving me orders to being ignored for hours and being asked whether am there to book for someone else. I also surprise those who attend to me I tip them heavily then I see how their friends react,” Mugerwa Allan also reacted on the matter.

Racism is still a topic of discussion around the world.

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