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“Gashumba is an idiot,” says Alex Waiswa

The Deputy spokesperson of the National Unity Platform Mr Waiswa Mufumbiro has no kind words for Mr. Frank M. Gashumba whom he termed as a dimwit( idiot).

Mufumbiro’s words come after Mr Gahsumba has been moving from media to media telling the world how NUP is a extension branch of the NRM funded by the state to fool Ugandans that there is a credible opposition in the country.

Gashumba said the credible opposition only ended with the era of Dr Kizza Besigye and thus all his successors are simply comedians fooling Ugandans yet they are dining with Gen Museveni.

In retaliation, Mufumbiro while asked to comment about the matter, the man from Busoga said that serious people should not be listening to the likes of Gashumba simply because he is an idiot.

Mufumbiro added that Gashumba’s past records are clear of being a conman and a destabilizer paid to cause unnecessary shocks and divisions within the opposition.

He further added that Gashumba carries no brains in his head that are good enough to dilute the struggle and thus he is wasting his time to think his words can have any impact.

The world was shocked to see Mr Gashumba turning his guns towards Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Bobi Wine whom he accused of hoodwinking Ugandans promising them change yet he is sponsored by the very government he claims he is fighting.

Gashumba said that he even has video evidences showing Kyagulanyi’s wife Barbie Kyagulanyi going to state house to pick money.

Source: ekyoto.co.ug

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