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Geosteady Mocks Mr. Henrie; “You’re Reaping What You Sowed”

Musician Geosteady revealed in the latest interview that he will never forsake his ex-lover Prima Kardash. He promised to fight for the mother of her kids on all fronts.

The singer explained he won’t seat back and watch his baby mama get dragged online.

When asked to comment about Mr. Henrie’s saga with Prima, excited Geosteady blamed him, saying he is reaping what he sowed.

“In my case, I’m so madly in love and it might be the end of me. The other person I don’t want to talk about seems to have reaped what he sowed. We are co-parenting well and I will always fight for her,” he said.

Geosteady’s comments come days after Mr. Henrie accused women who bleach of being tasteless in bed.

To many, this statement was directed to Prima Kardashi however the radio host has since apologized for the reckless declaration.

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