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Gov’t resumes full processing of passports

The Ministry of Internal Affairs spokesperson, Simon Mundeyi, has asked all Ugandans who have been complaining about passport delays to prepare to pick them up.

In May, the ministry of internal affairs cut the production of passports by almost half in a bid to enable a system upgrade.

The move left many Ugandans stranded, with many who were applying for express passports that ordinarily come out after at most four days having to wait more than a month to get them. However, according to Mundeyi, this will soon be solved after the resumption of their operations at full capacity.

While addressing journalists on Monday, Mundeyi announced that next week, they will be clearing the backlog of 10,000 pending passport applications.

“We have now completed the system upgrade, which we have been doing for the last three or so weeks, this means anybody who has been complaining about passport delays should now prepare to come for their passports,” said Mundeyi.

“After two weeks, we will embark on the normal applications. We are also handling those with emergencies who need the travel document,” he added.

According to Mundeyi, the resumption of normal operations in the production of the passports will see a total of 2,500 passports produced every day.

He also disclosed that they have opened a new passport centre in Abu Dhabi to serve Ugandans in Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Bahrain.

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