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He Wanted To Chew Me – Sumayya Sheeba Pins Eddy Yawe

Upcoming singer, Sumayya Sheeba is accusing Dream Studios boss, Eddy Yawe of stealing and singing her song with someone else.
In a social media rant, Sheeba claims she worked tirelessly to release a song titled Akalosa with Eddy Yawe but after refusing his advances, he changed the song’s title to ‘Kalosa’ and sang it with someone else.
Sheeba says she is not impressed with Eddy Yawe before branding him the worst creature on earth.

“Some people we meet out of respect can turn out to be the worst creatures on earth.Mr Eddie Yawe I effortlessly worked with you to release a song titled akalosa which you’ve later sang with another person and turned the title to kalosa. What could be the problem is it because I refused to fulfilled your sexual desires? let’s be guided not everyone lays with a person to be who they are. Am kindly not impressed by your action Ssebo. I deserved to be consulted first out of respect”. – Sumayya Sheeba

Sheeba is not the first female artist to fall out with Eddy Yawe over a song. Carol Nantongo fell out with Yawe over the ownership of ‘Tukiggale’. However, the pair ironed out their differences and reunited in June this year.

Martha Mukisa also tasted Yawe’s wrath after he had her collabo ‘Neteze’ deleted from YouTube Channel.
Mukisa made claims that Yawe frustrated her during recording. Mbu he used to ask her to meet him during weird hours.

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