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Hellen Lukoma explains why she hasn’t held a concert

Singer Hellen Lukoma hasn’t held a concert because she wants her maiden show to be massive.

While speaking to journalists shortly after David Lutalo’s concert at Hotel Africana in Kampala on Friday night, they asked her if she is among artistes who feel hiring Nigerian musicians to perform in Uganda has cut in on their market share.

Lukoma, who has previously taken aim to deejays for prioritising foreign music over local music, had mixed feelings.

“It’s not Nigerians that are stopping me from holding concerts,” she said, flashing a smile when the newsmen joked that Nigerian performers have been chased away from Uganda.

“As Hellen, I’m preparing myself, I’m working, giving you content, so that when I ever tell you, you’ll rise without a doubt.”

Lukoma, who in 2019 got married to her former manager Anwar Kaka with whom they have two children, however, has not produced a lot, let alone popular music in the recent past, possibly because parenting itself requires a full-time commitment.

The Ebinyo singer is also an actress.

This week singer Fresh Daddy was accused by one Ndagire of raping her after she went to him to sponsor her music career.

Asked to comment on sexual misconduct in the music industry, she said: “It has never happened to me. Praise God. I feel sorry for those who have been through such experiences. And it’s not a good thing because they are taking away our rights… But some accept, when someone asks you and you accept, then it’s a deal.”

The All Alone singer went on: “But it hasn’t happened to me [laughing]. They can’t ask me, we have levels to this. Why would you ask me? Do I look like I’m searching? They haven’t and they shouldn’t try.”

She added: “As someone who has been in the industry for a while, I condemn the act… that makes it look like we are not talented and we have to offer them something to get somewhere. I advise young girls out there to refuse such things and believe in their talent… and that it’s possible to get to wherever you want without losing your dignity.”

Lukoma was among curtain-raisers at Lutalo’s concerts.

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