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Hon. Ssegirinya Muhammad critically Ill after falling in prison bathroom

Hon. Ssegirinya Muhammad critically Ill after falling in prison bathroom
According to the leader of Opposition, Hon. Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba, has physically seen the detained Hon. Ssegirinya Muhammad in prison says the legislator is a crirical condition and need urgent treatment, this came after falling in the prison bathroom.

Also the Makindye East legislator is reported to be in a ill situation since his blood pressure remained high at 180/140 from the day he was dragged to prison.
Below is a statement from the leader of Opposition

“We spent part of our #GoodFriday with our colleagues Hon Allan Ssewanyana & Hon Muhammad Ssegirinya who are jailed at Kigo Prison. The 2 MPs are visibly ill, weak, and in need of urgent medical attention.
The authorities at the prison have informed us that they lack the capacity to handle the MPs’ medical condition. Hon Ssewanyana’s blood pressure has remained high at 180/140 since his admission into the prison. He is also anaemic and with swollen hands.

Three days ago, Hon Ssegirinya fell unconscious while in the bathroom and was rush to the prison’s clinic. Pain killers & antibiotics is all that the facility could give him. His stomach is abnormally swollen, the fingers on his right hand are paralysed black spots cover most of his body.

These MPs have a right to health and we demand that the state allows them to access specialised medical care. It defeats logic that someone would want to deny them the right to get treatment from a well equipped facility. #AccountabilityAndService”

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