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How much water is necessary to enjoy the game?

How much water is necessary to enjoy the game?
Every woman is looking to squirt. They are drinking anything and everything to be able to squirt for their man. But who says the man you are about to lay loves that much water? How much water can your man take?

Women have made it a point to carry a mug of okra everywhere they go because at the end of the day, they want to be able to say, “oh my God, I can squirt.”
Every person who can mix herbs is looking to add something for the women. Some women will eat grass if they tell them that it brings water. How much water is enough water?

Like a tap that has not been functional for days, they want to shower their man with that pressure kind of water. The profuse type. They want to see their man’s chest and beard full of wet. But who told you that your man wants all that water or even enjoys it?

Is the man you’re trying to water interested in that much water? Imagine squirting, and your man loses his hard-on. Imagine putting in all that energy, and your man can’t get hard anymore because he just finds too much water disgusting?

There are men that love to swim. They want to slide in, and by the time they slightly pull out, they want to feel that gushing water all over them. They don’t mind the rain.
Most men that love stroking love squirters. They will stroke you dry because they are waiting for you to let go and let the water out. They want to experience that golden moment.

On the other hand, some men stroke simply for the sound. They want to close their eyes and listen to the sound of those two friends communicating.
So, while you are fighting to let all that water out of your body, they are simply enjoying the enough you are giving for soundcheck. Do the same. Enjoy it.
Men love creamers. Like a spoon getting deep into the cup of ice cream. Like a tongue rolling into vanilla ice cream. Women who cream sound different. And they sound the best.
While waterfalls sound like rain hitting iron sheets, cream sounds and tastes like everything heavenly.

Men come in categories. Men who know how to enjoy sex love a woman who creams. But a man who wants to satisfy his ego is normally looking for the source of the Nile.
The least you can do is have some water for your man. You must be wet. You might not cream or even squirt but your man deserves a slippery, wet coochie . No man deserves to enter a desert.
And no, it is not because they don’t know how to look for the water. A normal woman must be moist with or without sex.

So the moment you decide to part your legs for him to get in between, your mind should have communicated already that there is a thirsty human being looking to get into something wet.
Some men don’t like the hustle that comes with women who squirt. They want to enjoy their ice cream.

If you are blessed, you can cream and also squirt. Once in a while, shower your man with that warm water but on all the days leading to that, cream for that man. God knows he deserves it.

After all the hustling and taking care of his woman, a man deserves water. When he goes extra, give him a little extra water but not every day. Keep the squirting for special days.
Don’t try so hard to squirt every day. It is almost impossible to squirt five days a week. But every day is ice cream day.
Till next time, for the love of God, soak him after a long day.

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