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“I am experiencing health related complications” – Sir Mesach Semakula

Unfortunately, whatever the “Golden Papa” has been struggling with over the years is back to haunt him, and it is better to deal with away from the empty halls of once shinning Golden Band.

The 46-year-old issued a statement this morning explaining that he is quitting the band where he has been director and singer for over 8 years due to deteriorating health.

The “Sigwe Ansiimira” hit singer goes in detail on the terms and conditions under which this process will be handled. Pictures of said statement have been leaked until he gives further information.

For a number years there have been rumors and speculations around Messach’s health ranging from hypertension, diabetes and the like, but he has never confirmed nor denied any of them, and out rightly refuses to discuss them.

I am experiencing health related complications which cannot make me perfectly execute my obligations and duties to the company which involve busy assignments like routine practicing, routine travelling, staging and participating in music performances in different parts of the country,” he said.

Back in 2016, he was bedridden and in so bad a condition that fellow band members took to social media asking the fans to pray for the “Golden Papa”. A few months later he was treated and made a full recovery in his home in Buziga, from an ailment in his leg which was attributed to glucose imbalance.

Last year in May, he came out and blasted the rumors around his HIV/AIDS status telling instigators to back off in a sarcastic comment, “Our HIV/AIDS doesn’t kill.”

In the statement leaked this morning Messach has surrendered the 19% shares of the company back to Golden Production (U) Limited. He says that his health complications will not allow him execute his duties as a shareholder and director of the organisation.

However, there are some problems that have been affecting the organisation which could have made his personal struggles harder to manage. Following the financial issues that led to the band equipments to be confiscated over a UGX12million rent debt, which he paid using his own money.

While the company owes me a sum of shs12 million, that I singlehandedly paid for as rent arrears for the release of musical instruments, I hereby forfeit the said debt and by this instrument I am willing to surrender the musical instruments to the continuing directors and shareholders of Golden Productions Uganda Limited who are at liberty to pick and collect them on a day and date they may deem fit,” he says in the resignation letter.

There’s speculation that the move by two the directors to join politics was not well received by fans and left a hole in the public support for the band. The lack of new music from the artists, the increasing political scandals and a recovering music sector certainly don’t paint a good picture of the conditions under which Messach is resigning.

The “First Aid” hit singer is valued at about $350,000 net worth collected from his music career and ventures into agriculture and real estate. He is married to Sarah Nakayi and they have enjoyed many years of the challenges and joys that come with marriage.

A full and quick recovery.

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