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I am not married because I don’t want to be controlled – Sheebah

Singer Sheebah Samali Kalungi has yet again made it clear why she does not want to get married even at her old age.
Through a video on her Instagram account, the “John Rambo” singer stresses that she hates being controlled by anybody in the name of being submissive to the love of her life.

She goes on to note that she wants to control her own life without having to be answerable to anyone at whatever cost or time of the hour she checks in and out of her home.
Sheebah is a self-proclaimed feminist and always stands her ground on a number of issues concerning women’s lifestyles.

“I don’t want to be controlled by anybody. I wanna control my own life. Yeah, because I am spoilt myself. I have a new character. “ – Sheebah Kalungi

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