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I am too young to get married to an old womanizer like Lwasa–Vanessa Vanny speaks about the flopped Kukyala

Vanessa Namulema, alias Vanessa Vanny, who reportedly conned Masaka businessman Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi and disappeared on the eve of their introduction, has come out and revealed that she decided not to introduce Lwasa to her parents because she is still too young to get married.

According to a report filed by a local newspaper, Vanessa, who was supposed to introduce Lwasa to her parents in Mpambire, Mpigi district last Sunday, explained that it was her mother who cancelled the ceremony after Lwasa accused her of sleeping with his driver.

“Lwasa accused me of sleeping with the driver, and when my mother heard those allegations, she asked me to hold on as she does her investigations because it is not right to cheat on a man who is preparing to introduce you,” Vanessa explained.

Vanessa added that another reason why she refused to introduce Lwasa is that she is too young to get married to an old man who is a womanizer.
Despite Vanessa being known in entertainment circles for her failed relationship with Ziza Bafana before she fell in love with John Blaq, she claimed that she realized that marrying Lwasa was not the right decision due to his past romantic relationships.

In response, Lwasa labelled Vanessa as a gold digger, who only wanted his money.
The Masaka city tycoon claimed that he gave Vanessa over Shs30m to prepare for their introduction, but he was surprised to hear that no preparation was going on.
About her being young, Lwasa said, “How can a person who has a child of 10 years be young?”
Lwasa said that he has learnt lessons and will not chase after Vanessa.

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