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I attended Roast and Rhyme to maintain security- Buchaman

In a new interview with a Vision Group-based radio, Buchaman has returned to his controversial ways after revealing that he attended popular Swangz Avenue picnic Roast and Rhyme to keep security at the venue.

After being asked by the interviewer if he attended Roast and Rhyme, Buchaman confirmed that he indeed attended the event since he is a part of the Rastafari fraternity with the event having had reggae and ragga themes.

According to Buchaman, Swangz came and asked him ‘the Ghetto president’ to coordinate certain tasks and it is him and his team from the Ghetto that coordinated the event’s security. He noted that he did not perform at the Roast and Rhyme event because he was hired by Swangz Avenue as a service provider dealing with a sensitive area.

He claims that his efforts were a tremendous success because at previous editions of the event, people got shocked by the theft of their property by thugs and malicious revelers.
Buchaman further noted that some people got beaten and it was something that the powers that be did not want to see happening again.

He further responded to various security concerns emanating from the Ghetto he represents.
Buchanan’s reputation in the Ghetto has grown by leaps and bounds over the years after he was appointed as one of the President’s advisers on issues pertaining the Ghetto.

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