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“I can date any man above 18 years,” says Angella Katatumba

As social media users are busy roasting South African-based Ugandan Zari for dating young men, singer Angella Katatumba has disclosed that she can date any man as long as he is over 18 years of age.

While speaking during an interview, Katatumba disclosed that she’s picky when it comes not qualities but not age.

“I can date anyone at any age as long as someone is over 18,” said Katatumba.

The singer, who is reportedly in her 40s, further stated that she’s not desperate to get married.

“You’ll never see me trying to seduce a man. It’s them that court me; young, old, anybody. They come to me. I don’t chase them. If he likes me but doesn’t approach, I let it go. I’m very shy, by the way, in that department,” said Katatumba.

“You know, most girls are very desperate. They want security. They want a man to depend on forever, and I am the opposite. I don’t want to depend on a person. So, I want to get married when the right person comes and we develop together,” she added.

Katatumba separated from her ex-husband Ward Alonzo in 2008; since then, the ‘Love Me’ singer has not been married but she has been in different relationships, with the most recent publicized relationship being that with producer Daddy Andre.

Ever since breaking up with Daddy Andre, she has never gone public with any man.

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