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I can’t betray Bobi Wine because he is not God – Salvador 

In 2018, comedian Salvador was one of the staunch supporters of Bobi Wine. He joined Bobi Wine to protest against the 200 shillings daily OTT tax on social media and the 1% mobile money tax.

But the comedian later met with President Museveni and this angered many of Bobi Wine’s supporters.

Salvador said he was convinced by the character and understanding of President Museveni.

He also hinted that he had met Museveni with very many People Power bigwigs who also needed to put food on their tables.

It was reported he received millions of money from NRM and a free venue for his show at Kololo Airstrip.

He recently confirmed the rumor saying he met President Museveni to change the zeros on his bank account.

His statement again infuriated NUP apologists who continue to accuse him of betraying Bobi Wine.

However, he said that Bobi Wine is not God to be betrayed. People have a right to make choices.

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