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“I can’t dress like your mother,” Winnie Nwagi blasts critics of her dress code

The dress code of female artistes in Uganda has become a major concern as ‘fans’ have continuously trashed their choice of dressing style.

Many critics of the artistes urge that their skimpy dress code is the reason they continue to be sexually harassed while on stage. A week ago, fast-rising singer Martha Mukisa was harassed by a fan on stage. The fan poked Martha’s soft part.

Also, over the weekend, singer Cindy Sanyu wore a black shirt, golden bling, a crop top jacket, a biker, and black heels to someone’s wedding. Critics strongly trashed her outfit choices.

Again today, Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nwagi has received plenty of stick from Ugandans for her skimpy sense of style and dress.

Nwagi’s social media followers seem to disagree with what they think is an inappropriate dress code.

In response, the bummy singer said;

“I can’t dress like your mother because I am not your mother.”

Nwagi is one of the many female artistes known for the saucy pictures and videos that they always post on their social media platforms.

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