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I can’t serve my ‘sumbie’ to any Man, Only fellow Women can bonk me,” Singer Rhoda K confesses being lesbian

For so long, there have been rumors that USA based Ugandan singer Rhoda K is a lesbian.
The rumors surfaced after she posted a video in which she was kissing a white girl on the lips. She later posted pictures with the same lady on Valentine’s day confirming that there was something between them.

Even though she has been confidently posting the pictures and videos having fun with her fellow women, she had never come out to confess being intimate with them
During an exclusive Interview with a local YouTuber days ago, she was asked if she has plans of getting married to a man. The singer responded that she is a lesbian and has never had feelings for men.

“I have never dated a man by the way so I don’t know what happens. Right now it has not crossed my mind yet but we leave that to God. ” She revealed
She further revealed that she has no problem with Ugandans who judge her for loving her fellow women.

“My life, my way. Who am I to crucify a girl who likes a girl? It is God who created us you know. If Rhoda K loves a girl, it is her decision. You not gonna come into my life and say “why did you do this?” She noted.

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